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Asbestos Insulation

man wearing biohazard suit and facemask

Asbestos is found in older homes, but this doesn’t mean modern properties are not built with asbestos. It is located in different materials, from flooring adhesive to insulation in the pipe. Asbestos Removal Brooklyn Pros offers unique asbestos service to clients within our service coverage area. The insulation is meant for the building’s wall and ceiling parts; sometimes, before the insulation is done, our qualified technician ensures that they test the asbestos material. However, we have discovered that asbestos insulation is not beneficial for all buildings.

Rock Wool Insulation

As mentioned earlier, the insulation for asbestos is made from diverse materials. The type of materials and benefits attached determine where they will be used. Rock Wool is another unique mineral-based insulation that has a cotton-like texture and somewhat grey color. It is a material manufactured with an added binder and melting basaltic. During its manufacturing process, the heating degree is 2,700 to 2,750 degrees Fahrenheit; they are usually installed like fiberglass and handle extreme care. Rock wool insulation does not contain any form of harmful substance that can affect health.

Cellulose Insulation

The cellulose insulation material is easy to identify. It has a grey color, and it is incredibly soft. This insulation material contains a higher percentage of the paper that has been recycled and does not contain mineral substances at all. Therefore, the paper looks shredded and a grey-like color and comes in a blanket and batt. It is not a typical insulation material that people use; however, it is well recognized.

Vermiculite Insulation

This is one of the well-known materials that contain asbestos, and it has a grey-brown color. This insulation is made from natural mineral material directly mined from the earth. The vermiculite has asbestos material mixed with it and is a typical material used in most homes today. The mineral where this insulation material is made expands when it is heated, creating a lightweight and stony particle that makes up its whole cell. For every homeowner with vermiculite insulation, it is recommended that they always test the safety level regularly so that the asbestos can be treated.

Loose-Fill Insulation

People are generally concerned about asbestos being in their ceilings or wall, but it isn’t easy to detect if you don’t check it. If your wall is fiberglass or has another material, you do not need to be concerned about asbestos and insulation. The loose-fill insulation material is one of a kind, and it comes in different materials. However, you can quickly identify it. This insulation material has a lumpy form and granular texture. So, if you think your wall has loose-fill insulation, you need to determine the kind of material because not all of them contain asbestos.

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