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Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos

Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos Removal and Testing

We understand that homeowners and business owners like the different ambiance they get from a quality ceiling within their building. We are a unique and reliable company that provides tailor-made popcorn ceiling asbestos solutions for clients. Popcorn ceiling asbestos is a ceiling technique installed for clients upon request, and we are proud to offer this service to clients within Brooklyn, NY, and its surrounding areas. We take pride in our services and guarantee their efficient quality and all work in compliance with international bodies and organizations' safety rules.

Patching Popcorn Ceiling

A popcorn ceiling can damage by any means, but there are a few precautionary measures. Whether it is stained, cracked, or other possible damage factors, the top can be patched. However, it is usually challenging to get the exact original color because the patching may be done with another type of color entirely. Not all patching combinations and products are recommended for popcorn ceiling patching because they contain a high amount of water. And based on the material of the popcorn ceiling, it can make the texture come off. Materials used during patching include aerosol or spray.

Hiding Popcorn CeilingĀ 

There is a material called rigid foam ceiling tile; once installed, it will hide a popcorn ceiling. A wood plank can also fit the existing texture; the foam ceiling will be installed with adhesive. A hiding process is a unique approach meant for the popcorn ceiling. Sometimes, it involves mounting metal grids that can hold together individual panels for the top, a few inches below the available roof. There are different ways to hide this type of roofing, and their decorative feature will display the brightness at every hour of the day.

Removing Popcorn Ceiling

All these methods mentioned are required to make the home look more decorative without the sight of asbestos. Unpainted popcorn ceiling is relatively easy to detach or remove, but the entire process is challenging and consumes much time. The tools for the removal process include taping a trowel and a knife. Sometimes, if the popcorn ceiling has been painted, you will need to apply a stripping product. And in case you are wondering, a stripping product can be found in a local supermarket or online store. Removing the popcorn ceiling is a way not to hide the imperfection.

Cover Imperfection

A popcorn ceiling installed by a professional company or experienced individual will help cover the top's imperfection. Here, the home majorly used is the ceiling; a homeowner with the skills and knowledge can apply any equipment by his/herself. One of the most significant benefits of using a popcorn ceiling is hiding any imperfection within the home's ceiling part.

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