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Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Removal Brooklyn

We are committed to helping clients make the best decision regarding asbestos and its related materials and protecting their well-being and general health. At Asbestos Removal Brooklyn Pros, we have the expertise to carry out fast asbestos testing in our equipped laboratory. Our technicians are capable and can do testing at any time, whether you need to test the asbestos in your residential or commercial space. We visit the subject property and take samples; we can conduct a test using our scientific instrumentation.

Determine the Presence of Asbestos

The process of testing an asbestos material is the only way you can determine and confirm the presence of asbestos. For the test, a technician will extract a small part of the asbestos material to serve as a test sample. The samples are tested on the spot or sent to an accredited testing laboratory where scientific analysis is performed, and the sample is studied. Based on the test analysis, a comprehensive report is generated, and the report will state if there is asbestos and the type of asbestos material found.


It is relatively easy to inhale a harmful substance and not know at that moment because the symptoms that follow aren’t immediate. Hence, the negative effect will not be realized until after some time, and during the waiting period, the substance is gradually affected sensitive parts of the human system. Excessive inhalation of asbestos fiber can damage the body’s inner cell, leading to illness in one way or another. Proper asbestos testing will help eliminate the harmful effect that tells asbestos material and remove every harmful and toxic component within the material.

Asbestos Report

After the asbestos testing has been carried out in the first phase, a report is expected, as mentioned earlier. The report is indicating whether asbestos is present or not and handed over to the property owner. That specific result is a useful document as at some point when you intend to renovate, the contractor would request it. The asbestos report can be used for real estate transactions; therefore, the rationale for being a mandatory document.

Informed Decision

Once the asbestos result is out, one of the advantages is that it will serve as a reference and guide to make individual decisions as it concerns properties. The informed decision may include; changing or replacing the ceiling if they appear damaged or have excessive harmful substances. With the informed decision, the level of safety and health challenges elimination will increase. It is inarguable that every decision is influenced by an action, and by narrowing it down to this setting, the test result influences decision.

Asbestos Removal Brooklyn